Watford Polygraph Test proves cheating

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Watford polygraph test proves cheating

A polygraph test proved Jason guilty of cheating on his girlfriend Becca. Becca turned to Lie Detector Test UK when she started to suspect Jason guilty of cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Phoebe. Here is Becca’s story and how she finally got the truth she deserved by turning to Lie Detector Test UK.

The beginning

Becca and Jason met when they both started a new job after losing theirs during the pandemic. Becca worked in finance and Jason worked in sales, so the pair often met for meetings between departments. After a few months of working together, Jason finally plucked up the courage to ask Becca out. The pair went for a drink later that week, and the rest was history.

Suspicion starts

Things started to change when Jason went away one weekend on a work trip. Becca knew that Jason had moved from their company’s competitors and that his ex-girlfriend still worked for Jason’s old company in Watford. The work trip was a national conference and Becca knew that Jason’s ex was attending. She tried not to focus on the fact that they would be together that weekend. However, when Jason returned, he seemed distant. One night, curiosity getting the best of her, Becca decided to look through Jason’s phone whilst he was in the shower. She immediately found that he had been texting his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe. The texts were flirty and talked about “having a good time that night” together, when the pair were at the conference.


Becca immediately confronted Jason when he got out of the shower. Jason was furious that Becca had been looking through his phone, and told her that the texting was nothing. Jason went to sleep downstairs on the sofa, angry at Becca. The next morning, Becca rang her sister Julie to tell her what had happened and get advice. Julie told her that if she really didn’t trust Jason then she should book a polygraph test. Julie told Becca how she had booked a polygraph test for her husband Paul when she suspected him guilty of having an affair. Becca asked Julie to share Lie Detector Test Uk’s contact details, and rang us later that day.

The Test

When Jason returned home to Becca that evening, she told him she wanted him to take a polygraph test. Jason had calmed down and said he was happy to prove nothing was going on with his ex. Two days later, the couple turned up to our Watford office and Jason took his polygraph test. The results showed that Jason was lying. He confessed to Becca that he had slept with his ex-girlfriend Phoebe at the conference. However, Becca was shocked to also hear Jason confess how he had met up with his ex-girlfriend numerous times and wanted to give things another try with her. He told Becca he was sorry and he had been confused during lockdown and wasn’t sure things with them were right anymore. The couple went their separate ways, with Becca thanking us for the truth she needed, even though it hurt she was happy to be able to focus on herself and move on without the lies.

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