Thornaby Eye Detect Test proves theft

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Polygraph Examiner | 0 comments

Thornaby Eye Detect Test proves theft

A Thornaby eye detect test with polygraph recently proved theft. Our client Tim suspected his friend Ben guilty of stealing money from his wallet on a night out. Here is his story and how EyeDetect Test UK got Tim the answers he deserved.

The beginning

Tim met Ben when they both studied Law at university and they have been best friends ever since. Ben went through a hard time during lockdown when he lost his business he had been building for over four years. Tim stood by Ben and supported him but recalls to us how it was a hard time. Ben developed a gambling addiction and Tim helped him. After seeking professional help, Ben eventually overcame the gambling, and has been debt free for a year.

The night out

Ben got a new job working alongside Tim and to celebrate the pair decided to go out with two others friends for a meal and drinks. However, half way through the night Tim noticed that his wallet was suddenly missing £50. He had withdrawn cash before the bar they were in, and given his wallet to Ben to look after whilst he went to the toilet. He couldn’t work out where the cash had gone but didn’t want to cause conflict by accusing Ben on the night out, so left it until the next day.


Tim asked Ben if he had borrowed cash from his wallet when he left it with him at the bar. Ben denied taking any money but did say he stupidly left it on the bar top when he was chatting up a girl, so left it unsupervised. He apologised to Tim and said he would give him the cash back as it was his fault. Tim refused the cash from Ben and told him not to worry, however he couldn’t help but suspects that Ben could be gambling again. He rang his other friend Paul for advice and Paul suggested contacting EyeDetect Test UK. Paul told Tim how EyeDetect Test UK had helped him when he suspected his girlfriend had cheated on him.

The test

Tim rang EyeDetect Test UK’S free helpline and after discussing his options he decided to book an eye detect test with polygraph test as it gave 97-99% reliable results. He booked the lie detector test at our Darlington office for the end of the week and told Ben. Ben was upset but wanted to prove to Tim he wasn’t gambling again and hadn’t stolen from him.

The results

The friends turned up at our Darlington office and Ben took his lie detector test. Sadly, the results showed Ben was lying. Ben spoke to Tim and confessed how he had started using scratch cards again. He admitted he had taken the £50. He said had regretted it immediately and gave Tim £50 there and then. Ben told Tim he had rang his counsellor the next day and booked a session for the following week to talk about his relapse into gambling. Tim gave Ben a hug and said he wasn’t bothered about the cash, he was bothered he had lied to him. He said he understood that it was an addiction and was glad he had already contacted his counsellor. The friends thanked EyeDetect Test UK for their help and professionalism in their case and look forward to many more years of friendship, with Ben receiving the help he needed.

If you suspect someone you know guilty of stealing then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can book an eye detect test or the combined eye detect with polygraph test depending on your criteria. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.