Thornaby Eye Detect Test confirms wife’s affair

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A Thornaby Eye Detect Test was recently used to confirm our client’s wife was having an affair. John came to us when he suspected his wife Danni guilty of having an affair with a best friend of his. Here is John’s story and how Eye Detect Test UK helped him find out the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

John and Danni met when they were just seventeen and have been high school sweethearts ever since. The couple got engaged on Danni’s 21st birthday, and got married just two years after. The couple now live together in Thornaby with Danni working in private care and John working as a warehouse operative.

Suspicions start

John lost his job in hospitality at a Thornaby Hotel chain, due to the pandemic. He managed to find a replacement job two months after as a warehouse operator. The new job meant he was working night shifts every other week, leaving Danni alone and often on weekends. Because Danni works in private healthcare, her weekends were often free so she started to go out with her friends more. John recalls that he first became suspicious when Danni started to spend a lot of time with Tom, his best friend. Tom had always been close to the couple, and John suspected that Tom had always fancied Danni.


One day when John managed to finish early at work, he arrived home to find Tom’s car in their driveway. When he opened the front door, he was greeted by a flustered looking Danni, and he was sure he could see Tom rushing to put his top back on in the lounge. However, John wasn’t sure what he had seen so decided not to say anything to Danni. Two days later, however, John’s suspicions grew when he found Tom’s wallet down the back of the couple’s sofa. He decided to look at Danni’s phone and saw multiple text conversations between them both organising when Tom could “come over and hangout”.

Time for an eye detect test

John decided to research his options and look for advise online and came across the Eye Detect Test UK blog. He read a similar story to his own and decided to book a test using our online booking system. He told Danni that evening that he had booked a combined polygraph and optical scan test for her to take at our Darlington office the following week.

The results

The couple turned up to our Eye Detect Darlington office together and Danni took her lie detector test. She failed her test and confessed to John that her and Tom has been having an affair for the past three months. Danni admitted that at first it was just friendship, but their relationship had blossomed the more they had hung out. She apologised to John but said she needed a break whilst she figured out what she wanted to do. John thanked our team for their professionalism and says he is glad he now knows the truth, albeit a difficult one.

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