Sunderland Eye Detect Test used for infidelity suspicions

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Sunderland Eye Detect Test used for infidelity suspicions

A Sunderland eye detect test was recently booked by our client Simone when she suspected her boyfriend Frank guilty of cheating. Here is Simone’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK found her the truth and answers she deserved.

The beginning

The couple met when Frank went on a night out in Sunderland. Simone was a bar manager in town and Frank was out for his friend Harry’s birthday.  The pair immediately hit it off and were dating just three weeks after meeting.

Suspicions start

Simone recalls how things started to change between the couple when Harry got a girlfriend called Paige. The group initially spent a lot of time together, having fun double dates. However, Paige started to become quite flirty towards Frank. Harry didn’t seem to notice but it became quite obvious to Simone. She decided to look through Frank’s phone one evening when he got back from visiting Harry. However, to Simone’s shock there were recent texts from Paige organising evening plans instead of Harry.


Simone confronted Frank but he just said Harry’s phone had broken to Paige had been texting instead to help organise the plans. Simone still couldn’t help but feel suspicious of Paige so she decided to research what she should do online. She came across the EyeDetect Test UK blog and read about similar stories of suspected cheating. Later that day Simone rang our free helpline and decided to book an eye detect test with polygraph as the combined exam had a 97-99% efficiency rating. She told Frank later that day that she had booked the lie detector test for him for the following week. Frank agreed to take the test to stop her from worrying.

The results

The next week the couple turned up at our Newcastle office and Frank took his lie detector test. Frank passed his test and Simone immediately apologised for not trusting him. Frank’s test revealed that he had been telling the truth about Harry’s phone being broken. The couple are now looking forward to a happy future together, without doubt and trust issues. They thank EyeDetect Test UK for their help in their case.

If you suspect a partner guilty of cheating or lying, then why not book a lie detector test test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.