Sunderland Eye Detect Test proves vandalism

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Sunderland Eye Detect Test proves vandalism

A Sunderland eye detect test proved vandalism when our client Jerome came to us suspecting a disgruntled ex-employee guilty of vandalising his nightclub. Here is Jerome’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK helped him find the answers he deserved.

The beginning

Jerome found his nightclub in Sunderland had a sudden boom after lockdown ended. Happy to be back in business he decided to hire a new assistant bar manager to help take the work load off his other senior staff. Jerome put an advert up and hired Sam just two weeks later. Sam was an experienced bar tender who had lost his hotel bar job during lockdown due to the decline in customers.

Suspicions start

Sam got off to a great start. The staff found him friendly, and Jerome was happy with his work ethic. He was always on time, pleasant and always managed to help keep customers happy. However, a month into working at the nightclub, Sam’s standards started to slip. He repeatedly became late for shifts, and one evening had a fight in front of customers with the bar manager. Jerome gave him several warnings, but eventually he dismissed Sam.

Vandalism begins

A few weeks after dismissing Sam, Jerome started to notice graffiti appearing around the nightclub premises. Although Jerome had several CCTV cameras installed, the graffiti kept happening in places that were a blind spot to the cameras. Suspecting Sam was behind the acts of vandalism he decided to confront him, however Sam denied any knowledge of graffiti. One evening, Jerome worked late and when he left work he noticed a hooded figure leaving a recent patch of graffiti. He ran after the suspect but couldn’t catch up to him. He did notice that the suspect was wearing the same red hoody that he knew Sam owned however.

Time for EyeDetect Test UK

Jerome rang the police to complain but the police said without any CTV evidence they couldn’t help him. He decided to research his options online and came across EyeDetect Test UK. He read our blog and rang our hotline to discuss his options. Jerome booked a lie detector test for the following week on behalf of Sam. He rang Sam and asked him to take the test and Sam obliged.

The results

The following week the pair turned up to our Newcastle office. The results showed Sam was lying. He confessed to Jerome that he was angry after he got sacked, and that he had been graffitiing the premises. Jerome said he wouldn’t go to the police as long as Sam agreed he would clean up all the graffiti and stop vandalising the nightclub. Two days later, Sam spent 3 days cleaning the graffiti off from the nightclub, and has now made amends with Jerome. The pair have now gone separate ways and Jerome thanks EyeDetect Test UK for their professionalism and help in resolving his case.

If you suspect someone of vandalism why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.