Sunderland Eye Detect Test confirms affair suspicions

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A Sunderland Eye Detect Test was recently used to confirm affair rumours. Our client Sarah came to us suspecting her husband Rick guilty of cheating. Here is Sarah’s story and how Eye Detect Test UK found her the truth she deserved to know.

The beginning

Sarah met Ricky when the pair were both working at a holiday park. Sarah was in charge of reception and Ricky was the groundskeeper. Fast forward three years later and the pair got married. The couple now live in Sunderland and have been married for over six years with two children.

Suspicions start

Sarah recalls how Ricky started to become withdrawn from their marriage after he started a new job. He had wanted to move into landscaping for years, and a local company were after a manager for their landscaping company. Sarah was so happy Ricky got the job, but it started to take up more and more of his time, especially weekends. She grew tired of coping with their two boys by herself, and in response, Ricky just became angrier and more distant.


One weekend Sarah decided to surprise visit Ricky. Ricky was working a job only two streets away at a local park. However, when she arrived, she couldn’t see Ricky anywhere. She asked a team member where he was, and he told her that Ricky had called in sick. Immediately concerned, she tried ringing his mobile, but he didn’t answer. Sarah suspected something was wrong, so logged into the couple’s joint account on her banking application.

Time for an eye detect test

Sarah saw two recent transactions made in a town just 30 minutes away. It included a payment made in a Nando’s chain restaurant, followed by a receipt from a cinema. She immediately confronted Ricky when he got home that evening, but he simply said a work friend was depressed so he decided to take the day off and treat him to cheer him up. Not convinced with Ricky’s response, Sarah rang her sister and asked for advice. Sarah’s sister referred her to Eye Detect Test UK and told her to book a combined Eye Detect with polygraph test to see if Ricky was lying and having an affair.

The results

The couple turned up to our Eye Detect Newcastle office three days later and Ricky took his lie detector test test. The test showed Ricky was lying and he immediately confessed to Sarah that he had been having an affair for the last two months. He said he met Mary, the other woman, when he was working on his first job and she was the client. Ricky told Sarah that he wanted a break whilst he sorted out what was going on and how he felt. Sarah thanked Eye Detect Test UK for their time and for giving her the truth, albeit a hard one to swallow.

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