Newcastle Eye Detect Test proves infidelity

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Newcastle Eye Detect Test proves infidelity

A Newcastle eye detect test proved infidelity allegations when our client Hannah suspected her fiancé Fred guilty of cheating. Here is Hannah’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK found her the truth and answers she deserved.

The beginning

Hannah and Fred met when they were both working as sales advisors for a flagship store. Fred was warehouse manager and Hannah was part of the beauty department staff. After dating for four years, the pair finally got engaged and decided that they wanted to try for a baby during the pandemic.

Suspicions start

It had only been two months of the couple trying for a baby, that cracks started to show. Hannah put the arguing down to the stress of being furloughed and the worry of the pandemic. Fred told her that he was unsure about trying for a baby until the couple knew that their jobs and finances were secure. Hannah agreed, and they stopped trying for a few months. She recalls how the pair didn’t have sex at all during the few months after their decision, and she felt more distant from Fred with each day that passed. However, on her birthday Fred cooked her favourite meal and completely spoilt Hannah. Hannah felt relieved and like things were going to be good again, the couple slept together that night for the first time in ages.

Test results

A week after Hannah’s birthday she started to get unusual symptoms such as painful urination, coloured discharge and cramps. Because she had been off her pill, she decided to go and see her GP, suspecting she could be pregnant. However, the GP did a test that confirmed she wasn’t pregnant, so gave her some thrush treatment with antibiotics, and did tests for STI/STD’s. The GP rang Hannah two days later and confirmed that she had contracted Chlamydia. Shocked and upset, Hannah confronted Fred about how this could have happened. Fred said that people could carry Chlamydia for ages without realising, and denied cheating on her.

Eye detect test with polygraph

Hannah couldn’t help shaking the feeling that Fred was lying. After researching Chlamydia and then cheating, she finally came across our EyeDetect Test UK blog and decided to call our free helpline for advice. After discussing her options, Hannah decided to book an eye detect test with polygraph test as the combined exam had a 97-99% efficiency rating. She told Fred later that day that she had booked a lie detector test for him for the following week. Fred agreed to take the test to stop Hannah from worrying.

The results

The next week the couple turned up at our Newcastle office and Fred took his test. Sadly, Fred failed his test. Fred asked to speak to Hannah and he confessed that he had slept with a previous girlfriend during the lockdown. He said it had only happened a few times, when he felt distant from Hannah. Fred asked Hannah if they could take couples counselling together and admitted the whole affair had been a mistake. He said he hadn’t seen the girl for months and it was all over. Hannah asked for some space but did decide to go to couples counselling. The couple thank us for revealing the truth and look forwards to a future clear from lies.

If you suspect a friend or partner of lying or cheating, then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.