Newcastle Eye Detect Test proves drug dealing

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Addiction, Polygraph Examiner, Private Lie Detector Test | 0 comments

Newcastle Eye Detect Test proves drug dealing

A Newcastle eye detect test with polygraph recently proved an employee guilty of developing a drug addiction. Our client David came to us when he suspected his bar manager Terry had started to take drugs and been dealing them to other bar staff members. Here is David’s story and how we got him the answers he deserved.

The beginning

After a quiet two years with the pandemic, David couldn’t wait for normality to resume. He has owned a popular Newcastle bar and nightclub for over five years. David refurbed the bar during lockdown and as a result when the bar re-opened, he was the busiest he has ever been. David decided he needed a bar manager to add to his staff and found Terry.

Suspicion starts

David started to become suspicious of Terry when he found an empty bag in the bar one night when he was cashing up. He confronted Terry about it but Terry said he had noticed it on the floor and cleared it away to show David. David had noticed a change in some of his staff and had considered doing a random spot check on the staff lockers.

Staff checks

The following night David conducted a random spot check and found bags of drugs in two staff members lockers. He confronted the members who both said that Terry had given them the drugs. Unsure what to do David rang his best friend who recommended EyeDetect Test UK. He said that a combined eye detect test with polygraph would help determine if Terry was dealing drugs or not.

The lie detector test

David booked a combined eye detect with polygraph test at our Newcastle office and asked Terry to take it. Terry agreed and turned up at our office a few days later with David. The test results showed that Terry was guilty of dealing drugs. He confessed to David that he had been dealing them to bar staff and agreed he would cease working for David. David said he wouldn’t press charges but told him he wasn’t welcome anywhere near the bar and club again, or he would involve the police.

If you suspect someone you know guilty of dealing or taking drugs then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can book an eye detect test or the combined eye detect with polygraph test depending on your criteria. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.