Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test used in infidelity case

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Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test used in infidelity case

A Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test recently helped in a infidelity case. Our client Jenny came to us when she suspected her husband, Ian, guilty of cheating on her. Here is Jenny’s case and how Eye Detect Test UK helped her find the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Jenny and Ian met when they were both studying chemistry at university. After graduating the couple moved to Middlesbrough where Ian got a job at a pharmaceutical company. Jenny started a job as a science teacher at a local secondary school.

Suspicions start

Things started to change between the couple when Ian got a promotion at work. As part of his promotion his company decided to treat the employees to a weekend retreat just outside of Middlesbrough in the countryside. Jenny had been to many company events over the years and was close friends with many of his work employees. Samantha was the wife of Ian’s best friend at work, and Jenny became very close with her over the years.

The retreat

One evening Samantha came over to join Jenny for a girl’s night in. However, things took a turn for the worst when Samantha saw a video that her husband had uploaded onto his Instagram story. In the video, she could just make out Ian in the background. To Samantha’s shock she saw Ian sharing a close embrace with a mystery woman, and then kissing her on the lips. She instantly showed the video to Jenny who broke down into tears.

Eye Detect Test

Jenny confided in Samantha and confessed things had been distant between her and Ian. She said she had told Ian she wanted to try for a baby and he hadn’t been the same since. Samantha and Jenny decided to research advice and options online and came across the Eye Detect Test UK’s website. Jenny read about the combined polygraph test with eye detect test and decided to book one, based on the fact the results were 98% accurate. She needed to know the truth.


When Ian returned back from the work retreat she told him she had booked him a lie detector test with eye detector test and Ian was shocked. He said she had no need to book a polygraph and eye detect test, but he was happy to prove that the hug and kiss was nothing more than a friendly exchange. Jenny was furious and told him he wouldn’t like it if the shoe was on the other foot.

The lie detector test

Later that week the couple turned up to our Darlington office and Ian took his test. The results showed that he had been lying. He confessed to Jenny that he had met another woman at work. Ian said that the talk about trying for a baby had made him realise that he had fallen out of love with Jenny and wasn’t happy to commit with kids. Jenny was absolutely heartbroken but thanked Eye Detect Test UK for finding her the truth before things became even worse between the couple. She is relieved that she dodged a bullet by not having kids with Ian, and now looks forward to life being single for a while.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.