Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test proves infidelity rumours

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Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test proves infidelity rumours

A Middlesbrough eye detect test proves infidelity rumours. Our client Lauren came to us suspecting her boyfriend Craig guilty of cheating on her. Here is Lauren’s case and how Eye Detect Test UK got her the truth and answers she deserved to know.

The beginning

Lauren met Craig at University when the pair were both studying Journalism. After they left University, Lauren landed a job at a newspaper in Middlesbrough, and Craig decided to write a travel book. During the pandemic, Craig stopped travelling and researching for his book, so he decided to take a part time job in a local supermarket to help the couple manage their bills.

Suspicions start

Lauren says things became tense between the couple when Craig realised he couldn’t travel and research his book anymore. Craig had received funding for his book, and he became more and more concerned he would have his sponsors withdraw the longer the pandemic went on. Although his publicist reassured him, his behaviour became rude and distant towards Lauren. One day, Craig forgot to take his phone to his evening shift. His phone kept going of so Lauren went to silence it, but when she did she saw multiple text notifications from someone saved as “Sam” with a fire emoji next to the name. She could see some of the conversation on preview and read “Meet me outside in the smoking bay, in 10”.


When Craig got home from his night shift, Lauren was waiting with his phone and confronted him immediately. She asked him who Sam was and he replied “It’s just a guy mate at work”. She questioned why he would be a fire emoji next to a guys name but Craig just tried telling her it was an inside joke as Sam was also a volunteer fireman. Lauren went to bed, but when she woke up the next morning she still couldn’t help feeling something wasn’t right and that Craig was lying. She decided to ring her sister, Julie, and ask for advice. Julie told Lauren that is she felt Craig was lying then she should book a lie detector test. Julie recommend Eye Detector Test UK after she had a similar issue with her husband. Lauren looked at our website and booked a combined eye detect test with polygraph test as she wanted double assurance from Craig’s lie detector test.

Time for an eye detect with polygraph test

The couple turned up to our Darlington office two days later and Craig took his test. The results showed that Craig was lying. Craig confessed to Lauren that Sam was someone at work that he fancied. He said it was all innocent at first, but that he had actually started to like her. Craig admitted he had shared a few kisses with Sam but that nothing else had happened and that they hadn’t met up outside of work. He told Lauren he wasn’t sure how he felt and the couple decided that a break would be best to figure out what they both wanted to do moving forwards. Lauren thanked Eye Detect Test for their professionalism and help in her case, she said if it wasn’t for the lie detector test she might have never known the truth.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating on you then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.