Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test proves drug addiction

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Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test proves drug addiction

A Middlesbrough eye detect test with polygraph test recently proved drug dealing allegations. Sasha came to us when she suspected her boyfriend Toby guilty of dealing drugs to his co-workers. Here is Sasha’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK helped her find the answers she deserved.

The beginning

Sasha met Toby when both of them were working at a large logistics company. Sasha worked in HR and Toby was warehouse manager. The pair immediately hit it off and started dating soon after. However, Sasha recalls how the issues began once she moved in. She says that Toby started to work longer hours, and acted aggressively when Sasha questioned him why he had to work so much.

Suspicions starts

Things became worse between the couple when Sasha went to wash Toby’s uniform one week. Toby was working overtime again so she decided she would help by washing his uniform for the following week. When she went to empty Toby’s pockets from his work waistcoat, she found several empty small bags. The bags seemed to have contained a white substance or powder. Teamed together with Toby’s long hours at work, and his sudden aggression, Sasha feared that Toby was using drugs.


When Toby came home from work in Middlesbrough later that day, Sasha confronted him with the bags. He said hed found them at work and was going to hand them into his line manager to investigate. Sasha still didn’t trust Toby, so she decided to call her sister the next day and ask for her advice. Sasha’s sister told her about EyeDetect Test UK. She recommended us to Sasha as she had asked us to run an eye detect test on her husband when she suspected him guilty of cheating on her. Sasha rang EyeDetect Test UK and booked the eye detect test with polygraph for Toby for the following week. After discussing the options Sasha decided that the eye detect test with polygraph was the best option as the combined test meant 98-99% reliable results.

The test

Toby was mad when Sasha told him she had booked the eye detect and polygraph test, however he said he had nothing to hide to he was happy to take the test. Both Toby and Sasha turned up at our Darlington office for Toby’s test. The results showed that Toby had been lying. He confessed to Sasha that he had been taking drugs and had also been dealing them. He apologised to Sasha and said he had ran into financial debt on credit cards during the pandemic and being furloughed. Toby admitted he needed help and was going to get it. Sasha has agreed to support Toby whilst he goes through drugs rehabilitation, and he has promised to stop dealing drugs immediately.

If you suspect someone you know is dealing or taking drugs then why not book an eye detect test with us today online. You can book an eye detect test or the combined eye detect with polygraph test depending on your criteria.  You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.