Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test for infidelity rumours

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Middlesbrough Eye Detect Test for infidelity rumours

A Middlesbrough EyeDetect test was recently used for infidelity rumours. When Liz was on a night out in Middlesbrough she was told her boyfriend Tom had cheated on her. Here is Liz’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK found her the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Liz met Tom six years ago when the pair were both working at a local bank. The pair immediately hit it off and started to officially date just two weeks after meeting each other. Fast forwards a year later and the pair were living together in Middlesbrough.

Suspicions starts

The issues began when Tom moved branches to work at the Durham bank. Liz says she was happy for Tom as the move meant a big promotion. However, Tom ended up working longer and longer hours and the pair started to see a lot less of each other. One weekend, Tom went out with the boys to the local pub so Liz decided to join her friends for a girl’s night out in Middlesbrough town centre.

The rumours

Liz was taken by completely surprise when an old work colleague and friend bumped into her on the night out. The pair chatted away and the friend asked after Tom. Liz said how Tom had got the promotion and it had been hard on the couple but she was happy for him. However, the friend went on to tell Liz that she had actually heard Tom had been dating a girl in the new office. Completely shocked and upset by the rumours, Liz went home and decided she would talk to Tom about it in the morning.


In the morning, Liz spoke to Tom and asked him why these rumours would be going around. Tom explained that a girl in the office was jealous of Liz and had fancied him since he moved there. He reassured Liz by saying nothing was going on with the girl and she shouldn’t worry. A week went by and Liz couldn’t help but still worry. One evening, Tom forgot to log off his work emails when he went to meet a friend for a walk. Liz didn’t notice at first but then she kept hearing email alerts. To her surprise, when she went over to close the laptop, she saw over 20 notifications from someone called “Helen”.

 The test

She opened the email thread and could see emails were being sent back and forth between Helen and Tom. Liz was upset when she read the flirty email exchanges, and guessed this was the girl that her friend had been talking about when she mentioned the rumours. She rang her friend and told her what she had found, her friend told her to book an eye detect test with polygraph test as it was 97% – 99% accurate. She said she had booked one with her work when they were worried someone had stolen from the company and the results were un-arguable.

The results

Liz booked Tom’s lie detector test for two days later, and told Tom when he got home that evening. He argued that Liz was being ridiculous but said he would take the test to prove nothing was going on. Tom turned up with Liz at our Darlington office and took his eye detect with polygraph test. The results showed Tom wasn’t lying, and Liz immediately apologised. Tom said it wasn’t her fault she didn’t trust him as he knew that things had been hard since his promotion. He told Liz he had nothing to worry about and he agreed he would stop emailing Helen over anything that wasn’t work related to help ease Liz’s concerns.

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