Improve Your Relationship with the Most Reliable ‘Lie Detector Test Near Me’

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If you type ‘lie detector test near me’ into your Google search bar, you are probably looking to find out the truth in a certain scenario to resolve something in your own or somebody else’s mind. There are various different types of lie detector test companies, but if you want the fastest and the most reliable results, our optical scan with polygraph test has the answers.

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What Lie Detector Tests Used for?

A lot of people are aware of the existence of lie detector tests, having seen them being used in Hollywood movies or heard about them taking place in US police stations. While known to be not 100% reliable, these types of tests can offer many advantages that aren’t available anywhere else; hence, the UK police force is now using them for sex offenders and domestic abuse cases. It’s said they can be used to bring the bad guys to justice or to find the truth in a mountain of lies. There are, in fact, many uses for a lie detector test, which include the following:

Law Enforcement

This is one of the most popular uses of the lie detector test. Detectives make use of lie detector tests to help bring justice to criminals. These tests are relatively accurate in such circumstances and can have an accuracy rate of up to 98% if carried out by experts.

Employee Screening

A lot of organisations perform drug screening, lie detector tests, and other background checks before hiring employees. Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming business, and for certain roles, it’s critical to hire a certain calibre of staff. Organisations that might use lie detector tests to sort the wheat from the chaff include governments, law firms, and multinational companies that need to be sure of prospective employees’ loyalty and honesty.

Personal Relationships

Examiners conduct lie detector tests with permission from private individuals to help resolve doubts in their personal relationships. Whether you suspect your loved one has been unfaithful, has stolen from you, or misled you in some other way, a lie detector test can be used to get to the heart of the problem and bring peace of mind. For private use, at Lie Detector Test Darlington, we offer our EyeDetect optical scan alongside a reliable polygraph test, giving couples added reassurance when their relationship is in doubt.

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How Does a Lie Detector Test Work?

The most traditional form of lie detector test is the polygraph test, which aims to see if the person is telling the truth or lying by measuring their body’s automatic responses when answering certain questions. Sensors are attached to the body and record the person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration levels. During the test, a polygraph examiner will ask a series of simple control questions, and then ask other questions pertinent to the situation. The examiner will then examine the graphs and see whether the respondent’s vital signs changed significantly on any questions. Typically, a significant change such as faster heart rate and/ or higher blood pressure will indicate that the person is lying.

However, our Lie Detector Test in Darlington is the latest technology that has been proven to be more reliable and offers faster results. The person to be questioned sits at a computer or laptop and answers a series of questions by clicking on the appropriate true or false responses. Their eye behaviour is measured and stored in a secure and encrypted file, and at the end of the test, the data in the file is uploaded to a secure server where analysis takes place. Our algorithms create a detailed report highlighting the probability of the subject’s truthfulness. Unlike the traditional polygraph test, which can take up to two hours, this eye test will only take 15-30 minutes, and the full report is available within a short period of time.

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How Could It Help My Relationship?

If you’re planning to book a ‘lie detector test near me’ for private purposes such as theft within the family or trust issues with your partner, our Eye Detect and polygraph tests combined can provide accurate and rapid results.

The first thing we will do is decide on the issue to be tested. It’s best to carry out each test concentrating on a single issue if you are hoping for the highest levels of accuracy. Some questions in our relationship category might, for example, focus on cheating and infidelity. The goal of these questions is to determine whether your partner has been engaged in a sexual act with someone else while in a relationship with you. This category may also include questions about dating, kissing, and so on.

Another category of test might cover non-contact activities. This could, for example, be used to determine the nature of a person’s internet activities, such as whether they have viewed pornography, have used online chat rooms or webcams, and whether they have been making use of dating sites. You could request that questions are asked about attending strip clubs and talking to ex-partners, for instance.

The third category of test might include questions regarding your partner’s character. These probe an individual’s behaviours and may include questions about previous sexual activity, drug or alcohol dependency, gambling troubles, records of sexually transmitted diseases, financial debts, and so on.

If you’re concerned that looking for a ‘relationship lie detector test near me’ is a little over the top, rest assured that it’s one of the most sought-after services we offer to private individuals. It’s widely used nowadays to clarify situations, find the truth, and allow our clients to move forward constructively in a relationship. We know that trust is what makes a relationship work, and we want to help you as much as possible if you or your partner is having doubts. If you’re interested in our efficient, state-of-the-art lie detector eye and polygraph tests, please schedule an appointment online here.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our tests, their reliability, and what subject areas can be covered, you can always reach us through our Contact Page.


How much does it cost for a lie detector test in the UK?

It varies depending on the provider but is usually around £500. The specific price depends on the questions being asked, the number of tests being conducted, and any specialist features necessary, such as if the test is being conducted remotely. Our single-person test is priced from £295, lasts around 30 minutes and has an accuracy of 91-99%.

How accurate are lie detector tests for infidelity?

Lie detector and lie detector eye tests are accurate anywhere from 91-99% of the time. When someone lies, their body produces different signals than when they’re telling the truth. These signals can be picked up by a polygraph machine or a computer in the case of eye tests, which an experienced examiner can interpret for evidence of lies.

Can you detect lies with eye movement?

There is no fool proof way to detect lies with eye movement, but there are some behaviours that may be indicative of deception. For example, lying people tend to avoid making eye contact, or they may look up while they are speaking. Another tell-tale sign of lying is increased blink rate; when people tell a lie, they often blink more frequently.

What kind of questions are asked on a lie detector test?

The types of questions are relevance, control, and keyword/ guilty knowledge questions.
Relevance questions establish a baseline for the test by asking ordinary, irrelevant questions to which the subject can respond in a relaxed manner.
Control questions are designed to elicit a response that evokes the desired physiological reaction.
Keyword/guilty knowledge questions cover the specifics of the alleged wrongdoing.

Why do people take lie detector tests?

People tend to book an ‘EyeDetect test in my area’ because they want to prove their innocence or confirm someone’s guilt.

Law enforcement officials sometimes use lie detector tests in criminal investigations to determine whether a suspect is telling the truth. Sometimes, employers may also require employees to take an optical lie detector test as part of pre-employment screening.

Can you request a lie detector test in court in the UK?

There’s no formal procedure for including the results of a lie detector test in evidence in UK courts. However, that doesn’t mean these tests are never used – a judge can order them on a case-by-case basis. They may alternatively be requested by one of the parties (usually the prosecution or defence) if the other parties agree to their inclusion.

Can you pay for a lie detector test in the UK?

Yes, you can pay for a lie detector test in the UK. You can find one simply by typing ‘private lie detector test near me’. You may also have a test done as part of a pre-employment screening or an ongoing background check.

Lie detector tests are administered by psychologists or trained officers certified in the use of polygraph equipment.

About Lie Detector Tests

Lie detectors are frequently used during police investigations, particularly in the US, and some job applicants are asked to sit an optical lie detector test for employment in some government departments, for instance. For the private sector, we also make use of a polygraph test in addition to the optical scan in order to leave as little room for doubt as possible in our clients’ minds.

A polygraph is a machine that records ‘poly’ (multiple) signals from sensors on a single strip of moving paper (graph). Sensors are attached to the subject when they take a polygraph test, and they, for the most part, record:#

    • The individual’s breathing rate;
    • Their pulse rate;
    • Their blood pressure; and
    • Their perspiration levels.

A polygraph will record physical movements as well.

How a Lie Detector Works

A local polygraph test is able to pick up on minute shifts in a person’s physiological responses when they are lying. For example, when someone is telling the truth, their physiological responses do not tend to change when they are questioned, but when they are lying, their heart rate increases significantly. This is the general idea behind the concept. The comparison question test is among the most typical procedures used in polygraph examinations (also called the control question test).

If you’re attending a polygraph exam near me, the examiner will ask you basic, factual questions like ‘Where do you live?’. In addition, non-criminal questions designed to elicit an emotional response from the suspect, such as ‘Have you ever lied?’, are asked. After that, questions regarding the alleged wrongdoing are posed to them, such as ‘Did you steal the documents?’. The comparison question test operates under the presumption that an innocent person will record a physiological reaction to the crime question that is significantly weaker than that of a guilty person.

Uses of a Lie Detector Test

Uses in the workplace
Many businesses use lie detector tests in the workplace for a variety of reasons. The majority of companies offering lie detector tests already offer high-quality security services to the government, law firms, and technology firms, for instance. Before hiring people, some organisations conduct drug testing and background checks, and sometimes, an optical lie detector test.

Law Enforcement and the Military
Lie detector tests are becoming increasingly more reliable and, therefore, more useful. They are set to be used for a variety of purposes in future. Detectives already use optical scans to help find the truth and bring criminals to justice, especially in the United States. There’s also a likelihood that they are used in the military around the world.

Private Individuals
While no test is 100% guaranteed accurate, people are increasingly relying on versions of the lie detector test to challenge unfaithful partners, uncover the truth in family disputes, uncover sexual abuse, domestic violence and so on. As the technology becomes ever more reliable, it’s likely the use of these types of tests will become more accepted and familiar with time.

If you are looking for effective ‘lie detector tests near me’, consider Lie Detector Test Darlington. We have a team of qualified examiners that are highly trained and can help establish the truth in a wide range of situations.