Hartlepool Eye Detect Test used in drug dealing scandal

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Hartlepool Eye Detect Test used in drug dealing scandal

A Hartlepool Eye detect test was recently used in a drug dealing scandal. Our client Hugh came to use when he suspected one of his delivery drivers guilty of dealing drugs. Here is Hugh’s story and how we found him the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

Hugh set up his Hartlepool delivering company during lockdown. He had a previous history of working in logistics. When the pandemic hit, Hugh ceased his chance to establish his own company whilst on furlough. He started off by delivering for local businesses who had increased online orders due to the pandemic. Within months of launching Hugh realised he needed someone part time to help him with his busy delivery rounds. He put an advert on Facebook and in his local newspaper and had lots of replies. He interviewed a few candidates but finally he employed a local guy called Scott.

Suspicions start

Scott was slightly younger than Hugh but had a likeable personality and seemed focused and motivated. Hugh was delighted to have found Scott and Scott’s first month went off to a great start. However, two months down the line Hugh started to receive worrying client calls. He had four local businesses all reporting Scott for being late, not turning up for collections, delivering damaged parcels or for not recorded his deliveries properly to customers.


Hugh called Scott into the office to talk through the complaints he had received and give Scott a chance explain what had been going on from his viewpoint. However, Hugh was surprised when Scott flew off the handle. He showed aggression and argued and shouted back at Hugh. Hugh told him to take the rest of the week off, suspecting something might be going on in his personal life.

Drug allegations

Whilst Scott was off, Hugh received a phone call from his best friend Gareth. Gareth told him how he had spotted Scott’s car on his estate a few times throughout two days. Gareth knew that the house in question had a reputation for being addicted to cocaine. He rang Hugh concerned that Scott might be mixed up in dealing or taking drugs. Hugh told Gareth about giving Scott the week off because of his erratic behaviour, so now he was concerned it was because of doing drugs. He asked Gareth what he would do in his shoes, and Gareth told him about Eye Detect Test UK. He said he had booked a combine eye detect and polygraph test when he suspected his employee guilty of stealing from him.

Time for a test

Later that day Hugh looked at the Eye Detect Test UK website and read about our combined tests. He preferred the idea of a combine eye detect test and polygraph test because it gave a 98% accurate result. He understood the combined test took longer than a stand-alone eye detect test but he felt more reassured putting Scott through a longer test that offered him the option to ask more questions about potentially dealing or taking drugs.

The results

Hugh booked the combined test to be taken by Scott and our Darlington office for the following week. He told Scott when he turned back up to work after his week off. Scott was surprised but he was happy to take the test and clear himself of any suspicion. He took his test a few days later and his results showed he was lying. Scott asked to speak to Hugh and he confessed that he had been dealing drugs alongside his deliveries. He explained that he became friends with the couple after delivering to them. He then got into taking cocaine when he went over for drinks one evening. Because he owed the couple living at the house a lot of drugs money, he agreed to deliver drugs alongside his parcel drops offs for Hugh.

The future

Hugh immediately dismissed Scott from his company, saying he wouldn’t go to the police if he cut all ties and communications off from working for him. However, Hugh did take Scott to a rehab clinic and made sure that Scott got the professional help he needed for his drug addiction. Hugh keeps in touch with Scott now to make sure he is ok, but is glad he is no longer associated or working for his company. He now has a new assistant Sarah who is settling into the company well and he thanks Eye Detect Test UK for their professionalism and help in his case.

If you suspect someone you know is addicted to drugs or guilty of dealing them, then book an eye detect test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.