Gateshead Eye Detect Test proves infidelity

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Gateshead Eye Detect Test proves infidelity

A Gateshead eye detect test proved infidelity allegations when our client Ciara suspected her fiancé Robert guilty of cheating. Here is Ciara’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK found her the truth and answers she deserved.

The beginning

Ciara and Robert met when they were both working as entertainment on a cruise ship line. Robert was entertainment manager and Ciara was part of a dance group. After dating for two years, the pair finally got engaged and decided to stop working on the cruise ships and settle in Gateshead.

Suspicions start

One day when Ciara was cleaning the lounge, she noticed Robert’s phone ringing constantly on the coffee table. She went over to see who was desperately after him, and the phone displayed 4 missed calls from a “Steph”. Ciara danced with another girl in her group called Steph on the ships, so she instantly became concerned why she would be ringing Robert and not herself. She unlocked Robert’s phone, to see multiple texts from Steph, asking him where he was and what was going on.


Confused about the calls and texts from Steph, Ciara decided she would confront Robert that evening. She told him she had seen the phone ringing and wondered who was after him so desperately. Robert became annoyed and agitated over Ciara’s questions, and told her not to worry. He said she shouldn’t have been searching through his phone and that it wasn’t fair of her. Mad, he stormed off.

Time for a lie detector test

Upset and hurt, Ciara decided to search the internet for advice on what to do. She came across our EyeDetect Test UK blog, and read articles based on infidelity. Deciding that an eye detect test would be the best way she could find out the truth, she booked a test online. The next day she told Robert she had booked a lie detector test for a few days later at our Newcastle office. Annoyed that she didn’t believe him, Robert agreed to take the test to stop her worrying.

The results

When Robert turned up to take his eye detect test at our Newcastle office, the results revealed he had been lying. He asked to speak to Ciara and confessed that he had been seeing Steph for some time. He said it wasn’t anything serious and that he just ended up having the affair because things with Ciara had become stale. However, he said two weeks ago things had become a problem when he was about to break things off with both Ciara and Steph. Steph turned around and told Robert she was two months pregnant and was keeping the baby.

The future

He said he didn’t know how to tell Ciara and had asked Steph for time to break it to her gently. He apologised but Ciara left and said she wanted nothing to do with him. A few days later Ciara rang our office and thanked us for our professionalism and help in her case. She is now looking forward to a future without Robert and the lies in it.

If you suspect a friend or partner of lying or cheating, then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.