Lie Detector Test in Newcastle

How to find our Newcastle office

Please see some hints and tips on how to get to our easily accessible Newcastle office.

Our Newcastle office can be found at the below address:

EyeDetect Test UK LTD
Collingwood Buildings
38 Collingwood Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

Our Eye Detect Newcastle office is located within the beautiful Grade 11 Georgian Collingwood Buildings. It is situated within a 2-minute walk from all bus, rail and metro stations and taxi ranks. Parking is also within easy walking reach.

To access our Eye Detect Newcastle office via train, you can find information at your local station. Newcastle train station offers a quick and reliable service to all major cities across the UK, from London to Scotland.

See more information ticket information on the Trainline website here:

Durham Eye Detect Test proves theft

Newcastle upon Tyne is a buzzing, vibrant city with a nightlife reported to be the best in the UK. Its population is the highest in the North East of England at over a quarter of a million. Culturally it is renowned for its music, art and sporting activities.

One particular ‘sporting activity’ not usually publicised is cheating on partners. This was thrown under the spotlight by the annual Illicit Encounters Infidelity Index showing that more than 6.5 percent of Newcastle’s populace is playing around outside of their marriages. Illicit Encounters is a dating website for married and attached people who are looking for a ‘bit on the side’.

Infidelity erodes trust

Our polygraph services are in high demand across the North East for a diverse range of situations. These include matters related to infidelity, false accusations, theft in the workplace and pre-employment screening among others. Given the index data it’s not surprising that infidelity lie detector tests in Newcastle figure at the top of the list.

Affairs within marriage and committed relationships erode and ultimately destroy trust. Polygraph tests help in many ways, not just to establish whether infidelity has taken place or not.

Months if not years of arguments lead up to a test being booked. If test results produce ‘no deceit evident’ couples need to seek help. It may be that the accusing partner is overly possessive, insecure or controlling.

When test results prove infidelity has taken place it’s not impossible to repair the relationship. Couples can work out what went wrong and whether they can, with counselling, rebuild trust. Sometimes periodic polygraph tests can help to maintain the trust.

Reasons infidelity happens

There are so many reasons people cheat on their partners but often there are similar patterns. It may be that sex in the marriage has become boring. High on the list for women is that their husbands take them for granted or neglect them. Many people seek to recapture their youth, especially in middle age, by cheating with someone infinitely younger than they are.

No matter the reason, the consequence is usually the same. Suspicion, mistrust and endless heated rows.

 We offer our Eye Detect Tests in Newcastle to clients for various reasons such as Infidelity. Integrity, Sexual Harassment to Theft so if you have an issue that needs resolving then don’t hesitate, book your test with us today. Just click on the link below and complete the details. Once we receive your details a dedicated member of our support team will contact you to process your booking and introduce you to the examiner assigned to your case.