Lie Detector Test in Leeds

How to find our Leeds office

Please see some hints and tips on how to get to our easily accessible Leeds office.

Our Leeds office can be found at the below address:

EyeDetect Test UK LTD
New Station St
United Kingdom

Our Lie Detector Test office is located is just a 1-minute walk from Leeds train station, or just a 11-minute walk from the bus station. The office is also easily accessible by car via the M62 with plenty of parking nearby. Leeds train station offers a quick and reliable service to all major cities across the UK, from London to Scotland.

To access our Eye Detect and polygraph test Leeds office via train, you can find information at your local station. Leeds train station offers a quick and reliable service to all major cities across the UK, from London to Scotland.

Leeds is known as the city of historical moments and for its economic vibrancy. In the 16th century, Leeds in West Yorkshire was once a quiet little market town which has flourished over the years into the prosperous, bustling and lively city it is today. The city now boasts as one of the largest areas of employment with 70% of residents working within the private sector. The financial sector, such as insurance, banking, and the property market account for £13 billion of the Leeds economy.

With this level of employment, there are many reasons our Leeds eye detector services are so in demand. Aside from being the latest in lie detection technology and providing you with up to 99% accuracy, we receive many requests for our services commercially and privately predominantly for subjects such as sexual harassment or theft within the workplace. Employers want to know they have the best candidate for a job and our pre-employment screening service offers the security and assurance they have the right applicant for the role they are trying to fill.

Durham Eye Detect Test proves theft

What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Any type of unwanted comments, touching or invasion of your privacy with a sexual or sexist nature can constitute as sexual harassment. These types of interactions can often make you feel uncomfortable, intimidated, humiliated, or even frightened.

Most people think that it’s always women that have suffered sexual harassment in their working lives, but this is not the case, both sexes can be subjected to this and for most it feels like you have nowhere to turn but we are here to help. Many think they won’t be believed or that what they are going through is normal.

There are so many instances that people don’t report this behaviour and this can be for number of reasons, such as,

Not wanting to admit you are ashamed or embarrassed by what’s happening to you
Fear of not being believed, or being seen as petty
The negative impact reporting it may have on your development within the company

Eye Detect Leeds Office

If you’ve been searching online for a “lie detector test near me”, we offer our Eye Detector Test in Leeds to clients for various reasons such as Infidelity. Integrity, Sexual Harassment to Theft so if you have an issue that needs resolving then don’t hesitate, book your test with us today. Just click on the link below and complete the details. Once we receive your details a dedicated member of our support team will contact you to process your booking and introduce you to the examiner assigned to your case.