The Most Reliable Lie Detector Test for Private or Commercial Uses

For decades, the polygraph test has been used as a lie detector test to measure the truthfulness of a person’s statements by tracking bodily functions such as blood pressure and perspiration. It is being used more and more within the police force, and sometimes a person applying for a job will be asked to undergo such a test. The goal of this test is to determine whether the person is telling the truth or lying when answering certain questions.

how much does a lie detector test costThe traditional polygraph test is conducted by attaching sensors to a person. The polygraph records the individual’s:

  • Breathing rate;
  • Pulse;
  • Blood pressure; and
  • Perspiration.

Firstly, the person conducting the test asks three or four simple, factual questions that establish the person’s normal responses in each of the above areas. Once that has been established, the real test begins. Both during and after the test, a trained polygraph examiner can look at the graphs being produced by the machine to see whether the subject’s vital signs change significantly in response to any given question. In general, the examiner can tell whether the responder’s heart beats at a faster rate, if their blood pressure elevates, and/ or whether their perspiration level increases.

While the polygraph technique is highly accurate, it is not infallible, and errors do occur. Polygraph errors may be caused by the examiner’s failure by a misreading of the physiological data on the polygraph charts. It is also a fairly intrusive process that can be intimidating to the person being questioned and takes anything up to two hours to perform successfully. That’s where Lie Detector Eye Test Newcastle can offer an extremely useful alternative.

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What Can We Do?

We offer an eye lie detector test that is more reliable and provide faster results than the traditional method. In terms of the science, an eye lie detector is a more advanced technology that measures bio-cognitive responses in the eye to determine deception or lies. The eye lie detector responds to eye movements, changes in pupil diameter, blinks, and other signals that typically signify stress. Our eye lie detector uses these measurements and specialised algorithms to produce an overall credibility score. When used in combination with our polygraph test, you can expect up to 99% accuracy. Two testing methods combined are better than one.

How Does the Procedure Work?

First, the examinee sits in front of a computer or laptop and answers a series of true or false questions while the scanner monitors eye movement. This data is collected and stored on a web server for analysis and immediate scoring. Finally, a specialised algorithm interprets the data and produces a report with the subject’s credibility score.

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What Are the Benefits of the Eye Lie Detector Test?

Our eye lie detector has an average accuracy of 90-91% and, unlike other lie detector tests, can be completed within 15-30 minutes. Accuracy is enhanced up to 99% if the EyeDetect test is used in combination with our polygraph test.

The EyeDetect test is used primarily for commercial testing such as pre-employment screening. Our reliable lie detector test offers many benefits, which, in more detail, are as follows:


Our EyeDetect lie detector has demonstrated an average accuracy level of 90%, which is very high for tests of this type. When used in combination with our polygraph test, that accuracy level rises to a 97-99% confidence outcome.

Fast Results

Our test can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes, and the results it records are then uploaded to a secure server. A report with detailed results, including a credibility score, is then generated in just a few minutes.


There is no need to attach cables or sensors to the examinee. They simply sit in front of a computer and answer a series of true or false questions.

Complete Analytics

Only authorised personnel can access individual and group test results via a web browser. Test results can be sorted by date range, test type, credibility score, and more.


Our lie detector meets the needs of both small and large organisations alike. Our lie detector test can be used in any location, or you can ask examinees to visit our office.

Next-Generation Technology

Our lie detector test is a revolutionary solution that detects deception by measuring eye characteristics in an entirely non-invasive manner. Because results are determined by an algorithm, there’s no room for subjectivity that can skew results, as there is in the traditional polygraph test.

How Can We Help?

Lie Detector Eye Test Newcastle is able to supply the most accurate lie detector test in London and beyond. Our services can be used for commercial and private use, including:


  • Pre-Employment Screening – You can benefit from our tests by screening job candidates before calling them for an interview. You can save time and money on otherwise expensive, intensive recruitment exercises by exploring the integrity of candidates before the interview stage with our test. Whether you’re a small or large business owner, we can help you make sure you are hiring the right person for the job.
  • Childcare Services – If you’re considering hiring a nanny or running a business providing childcare, our eye detect Newcastle test can help you find the most qualified and trustworthy people to take care of your charges.
  • Security Services – It’s typical for security job applicants to be asked to undertake a polygraph test, but sometimes you need quicker results. The traditional lie detector test can take around two hours, but with EyeDetect, you can get useful results within just five minutes.
  • Loss Prevention – EyeDetect helps you hire the most honest people for your organisation and ensure they stay loyal and trustworthy. This can help protect and secure your valuable company assets.
  • Private Investigators – Hiring capable and honest employees are essential for anyone running a private investigation business. Your reputation among your clients is vital to your success. Our EyeDetect test ensures the staff you employ have the correct qualifications and integrity.

Private Uses

  • Infidelity – Our non-intrusive eye lie detector with polygraph test can help you get to the bottom of any problems within your personal relationships.
  • Theft – Prolonged doubt and suspicion can ruin family relationships. If you want to speed up the process by finding the culprit within your family, our test will help you determine the truth.
  • False Allegations – We know that false allegations can destroy personal relationships, employment opportunities and more. With an EyeDetect lie detector test, you can rapidly disprove any false allegations and halt the damage in its tracks.


How Much Is a Lie Detector Test?

The traditional polygraph test costs around £399 to £499 or more. Our eye detect Newcastle test will only cost between £245 and £695 depending on the number of people being tested, whether it’s for commercial or private use, and whether it’s a simple eye test or an eye test polygraph combined. If you are paying a third party such as a solicitor or private investigator for the test as part of their wider services, you may find the price is higher. However, if you book directly with Lie Detector Eye Test Newcastle, you will simply pay the price indicated on our pricing page.

Reduce uncertainty and suspicion and make the right decisions in your commercial or private relationships by contacting us today on 0191 4731871. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment on our booking page:

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is a real lie detector test?

While polygraph accuracy is estimated to be between 80% to 90% of the time, much relies on the experience and skill of the person administering it. The test is lengthy and obtrusive. Our eye detect Newcastle test offers 90%+ accuracy quickly and with less stress on the examinee.

How much is a lie detector test in the UK?

The typical polygraph test cost is between £399 and £499, depending on the test. There should be no extra costs or obligations other than the necessary testing fees. Because referral agencies function as middlemen and charge a referral fee, they can be more expensive.

How accurate are lie detector tests for infidelity?

If you would like to prove your innocence in situations where your partner thinks you are cheating on them, our state-of-the-art EyeDetect+ service includes both an ocular and a polygraph test and offers accuracy levels of between 97% and 99%.

What are some typical lie detector questions?

Most questions will be answerable with a simple yes or no. The following are some examples of the questions that might be asked.

  • Does 3 + 4 = 6? (No)
  • Does 1 +1 = 2 (Yes)
  • Does Facebook let you stay in touch with friends and family? (Yes)
  • Have you read at least one book, magazine or newspaper article in your life? (Yes)

How do I prepare for a lie detector test?

Before the test, keep to your normal routine and take any medications prescribed by your doctor. Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs in the 24 hours before the test. Some medical conditions and eye medications can affect the test results, so be clear with our customer support team about such issues when booking your test.

How do you stay calm during a polygraph?

When responding to questions throughout a lie detector test in the UK, try to remain as calm as possible. Remember that you will be asked neutral questions to establish your baseline responses, so this will take into account any nervousness you feel at the outset.

Can someone under the age of 18 take a polygraph test?

Yes, a lie detector test can be given to anybody aged 14 and above, provided they have sufficient cognitive function, understand the concept of honesty, and have good English language skills. Parental consent is required for under-18s to take the test.

How long is the polygraph test?

At Eye Detect Test UK, the EyeDetect test (ocular only) takes around 30 minutes, while EyeDetect+, which includes the innovative polygraph test, takes up to 60 minutes. This is quicker than many other providers, where the polygraph test alone can take up to two hours.

Does anxiety affect lie detectors?

Anxiety can somewhat affect the polygraph analysis. However, the EyeDetect test measures eye behaviour changes rather than physiological changes under questioning and these are involuntary. As such, anxiety won’t affect the accuracy of the results. Additionally, anti-anxiety medication is known not to interfere with the results either.

Is a polygraph admissible in court?

The results of a polygraph exam are not admissible in criminal courts in the UK but may be submitted at the discretion of the presiding judge in civil courts. In these cases, they will not necessarily be viewed as direct evidence but may be supporting evidence that adds weight to one side’s argument.

The Benefits of Lie Detector Test to Your Company

Immediate results

Lie detector tests are not as time-consuming to conduct as DNA testing, but they do need a degree of analysis by a trained and qualified professional. Nonetheless, the machine provides detailed results in just a few minutes. That can be beneficial where time is of the essence to confirm or prevent further misdemeanours or when conducting a recruitment exercise, for instance.


Unless you plan on carrying out many such tests a year, it’s not worth investing in the equipment in-house – you’ll also need to hire and pay a qualified examiner to administer the tests. It’s much more cost-effective to hire an experienced firm that has the knowledge, skills, equipment, and resources to administer tests on your behalf. Done this way, you’ll find lie detector test prices UK-wide much more affordable. And in fact, they could even save your company money by, for example, reducing instances of petty theft or ensuring you hire the right individuals for the job.


Our polygraph assessment is simple to administer and use. With the EyeDetect test, there are no body sensors to fit into place: the individual simply sits in front of a computer screen. With EyeDetect+, which includes a polygraph, a simple physiological tracking device with sensors on the wrists, abdomen and fingers is fitted. The former test takes just 30 minutes; the latter no more than an hour.


The average level of truthfulness obtained by lie detector tests is around 80-90%. EyeDetect, our eye lie detector test, can boast 91% accuracy when used in isolation. Using EyeDetect+ with our polygraph raises accuracy levels to between 97% and 99%.


While being asked to take such a test might be stressful, the process itself is entirely painless.

How a Lie Detector Works

Lie detectors are sometimes used in police enquiries and by companies on individuals applying for certain jobs. When someone is under examination, a lie detector might be used to determine whether they are telling the truth or lying when responding to certain questions.

When a person takes a traditional polygraph exam, sensors are attached to their body. A polygraph machine is a machine in which the many (“poly”) signals from the sensors are recorded. The sensors record the person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration

A polygraph examination can also capture movement activity. The person being tested is asked a series of neutral questions to establish the person’s baseline signals during the start of the polygraph examination. Then real questions are put to the test through the polygraph. All the individual’s signs are monitored throughout the questioning.

An examiner reads the graphs to determine whether any vital signs changed drastically on any of the questions throughout and after the test. In general, a significant transformation (such as a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, or increased sweating) indicates that someone is lying.

A polygraph is not perfect, however. The examiner’s assessment is subjective, and polygraph errors may be caused by the examiner’s failure by a misreading of the physiological data on the polygraph charts Old-style lie detector tests have been relied upon extensively in past years to get to the truth. However, they do still have some issues. At Lie Detector Eye Test Newcastle, we use an EyeDetect test that uses advanced technology to improve on typical polygraph results. The data collected from EyeDetect and EyeDetect+ is analysed by a computer algorithm. This removes any doubt that an examiner could be biased or incorrect with the readings, so it has perfect reliability.

If you’re looking for a ‘lie detector test near me’, you can learn more about us and the services we offer on our website.