Durham Eye Detect Test used to prove affair

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Durham Eye Detect Test used to prove affair

A Durham Eye Detect Test recently proved an affair when our client Darren came to us suspecting his boyfriend Adam guilty of cheating on him. Here is Darren’s story and how he got the truth that he deserved.

The beginning

Darren met Adam on a night out in Durham back when they were both students at university there. The pair have been together ever since and both work and live in Durham. Darren works for a life insurance firm whilst Adam is a lecturer at Durham University.

Suspicions start

Darren recalls how things started to concern him with his relationship when Adam started to become distant. He says Adam had received a promotion at work and therefore assumed it was just stress causing the wedge between them. However, Darren attended a faculty drinks mixer one evening with Adam and noticed him flirting with a young faculty assistant. He found out the assistant, Tom, had only started two months ago which coincided with when Adam had started to become distant with him.


Doubt started to seep into Darren’s mind, and one evening he decided to check through Adam’s email whilst he walked their dog. He flicked through and found multiple emails from Tom, all of which were flirty. He decided to ring his sister Jane for advice. Jane referred him to Eye Detect Test UK after a friend of hers suspected her husband was having an affair. She explained how the lie detector test test only took 60 minutes and could clear up any concerns and doubts that Darren had. Darren rang our free help line and booked a test on behalf of Adam at our Darlington office for the following week.

The results

He told Adam the moment he got back from his walk. Adam dismissed that anything was going on with Tom but understood he had been distant recently. He agreed to take the lie detector test just to prove he was innocent. The next week both Darren and Adam turned up for Adam to take his test. The results showed Adam was lying. He confessed to Darren that he had been cheating on him with Tom and apologised. Adam explained how he hadn’t felt a spark with Darren for a while but had been scared to do or say anything. He said he was sorry Darren had found out this way but he no longer wanted a relationship with him and Tom had come along and proved that. The pair have now gone their separate ways but Darren thanks Eye Detect Test UK for finding out the truth, even if it was hard, he is now grateful he can move on with his life knowing he deserves better.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.