Durham Eye Detect Test proves theft

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Durham Eye Detect Test proves theft

A Durham Eye Detect Test recently proved theft when our client Warren came to Eye Detect Test UK suspecting his son guilty of stealing his wallet. Here is Warren’s story and how Eye Detect Test UK got him the answers he deserved.

The beginning

During lockdown Warren’s son Toby lost his job as a nightclub manager in Durham. Due to the pandemic affecting clubs and venues, Toby had no choice but to quickly find some temporary work to cover his bills. He told his Dad what had happened and his Dad immediately offered him some part time work with his building company.

Suspicions start

Warren recalls that the issues started when Toby had been working with him just two months in. He started to become late for work constantly, and rude towards Warren. Then one day Warren couldn’t find his wallet anywhere. Concerned he might have left it at his last job he went back to ask the client if they had found a wallet anywhere.


Confused as to where else the wallet could be, Warren decided to ask Toby about it. He knew that Toby had been the only other person to have access to the van, which is where he kept his wallet whilst on jobs. Toby denied seeing his wallet and became aggressive the more Warren questioned him. Warren decided to research options online of what to do if you suspected someone close to you of stealing from you. He came across the Eye Detect Test UK website and decided to contact us. Warren booked a combine polygraph test with eye detect lie detector test on behalf of  Warren.

The lie detector test

Warren and Toby showed up to our Newcastle office a week later and Warren took his lie detector test. The results showed he was lying. Toby confessed to his Dad that he had indeed stolen his wallet. He said he used the £40 cash to buy booze and scratch cards. Toby broke down crying saying he had started to develop an addiction to gambling with scratch cards and online betting apps. He said he thought it would be an easy way to earn extra cash so he didn’t have to work as many hours with his Dad which he was finding hard.

The future

Toby is now going to regular therapy groups to help his gambling addiction and Warren thanks Eye Detect Test UK for helping him realise he had a problem before it went too far. He says Toby is doing well and he also has a new job which has helped him grow a better relationship again with his Dad. The pair are doing well and are grateful for taking a lie detector test with Eye Detect Test UK.

If you are concerned an employee has stolen from you, or someone close to you has a gambling addiction then  book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.