Darlington Eye Detect Test proves alcoholism

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Darlington Eye Detect Test proves alcoholism

A Darlington eye detect test with polygraph recently proved alcohol addiction. Our client James suspected his friend Alex had become dependent on alcohol during the lockdown. Here is his story and how EyeDetect Test UK got James the answers he deserved so he could help his friend.

The beginning

James and Alex grew up next door to each other as kids, and have been best friends ever since. During lockdown, James worked from home in Darlington and so did Alex and the pair decided to form a bubble as both of the friends lived alone. The pair worked well together and enjoyed being able to spend some quality time together again. James recalls how at the beginning him and Alex would spend a working day together and it would be great fun, and productive. However, only a month into the lockdown, Alex started to want to just slack off from work and sit in the sun and drink. James joined Alex a few times but then said Alex started to drink more and more and not work, or not show up the next day and lie in instead.

Suspicions starts

The strange behaviours continued for another month and eventually Alex stopped coming to work with James altogether. He kept making up excuses, so one weekend James decided to surprise Alex at his flat. Alex answered the door in his dressing gown, which shocked James as it was 3pm. James asked if he could come inside, to which Alex begrudgingly agreed. Once inside the flat, James could see just how bad things were. Bottles and bottles of empty wine, beer and even spirits were in the kitchen, and the whole flat was a complete mess. Usually, Alex took pride in how clean and organised his place was, so James knew this was completely out of character for Alex. Alex told James how he had hosted a big party and the bottles were just leftover from that.


James made a cup of tea for Alex and sat him down. He asked if everything was ok with him but could tell Alex was in denial, or not ready to talk. That evening, James researched online options for how to show someone they are alcohol dependant. He came across EyeDetect Test UK’s blog and read about how our eye detect with polygraph tests had helped people face the hard truth. Knowing that Alex wouldn’t respond to intervention, he decided booking an eye detect test with polygraph test would be a great option for him to realise the truth.

The test

Alex agreed to take the eye detect with polygraph test and showed up to our Darlington office two days later with James. The test showed he was lying about having a party. He confessed to James that he had been drinking alone and he was drinking more and more. Alex admitted he needed hep and asked James if he would support him through it. James hugged Alex and said he was there for anything he needed, he has since moved in part time to help Alex whilst he becomes teetotal, and seeks regular counselling and support group sessions.

If you suspect someone you know has an unhealthy addiction then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.