Darlington Eye Detect Test proves alcoholism

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Darlington Eye Detect test proves alcoholism

A Darlington eye detect test proves alcoholism when our client Ryan is concerned his friend Ralph has developed an alcohol addiction. Here is Ryan’s story and how EyeDetect Test UK got him the answers he needed to help his friend.

The beginning

Ryan and Ralph have been best friend’s ever since middle school. The pair met during their science classes and have been inseparable ever since. Issues began when Ralph got a new promotion with his banking job. Ryan became aware that Ralph was going out a lot more with friends after work, and noticed a change in his behaviour.

Suspicions starts

Things became extremely worrying to Ryan, however, when he went round one Saturday morning to find Ralph passed out on his doorstep. Worried and shocked, Ryan rang for an emergency ambulance, noticing a deep gash on Ralph’s forehead. Ralph needed stitches and when he came round, Ryan asked him what had happened. He said he couldn’t remember but had been out drinking with colleagues late after work.


A few weeks went by and Ryan hadn’t heard a lot from Ralph. He decided to go over one evening and surprise him with some beers and a takeaway. When Ralph answered the door, Ryan was surprised to see he was in pyjamas instead of a suit from work that day. Ralph told Ryan he had been poorly so had taken the day off work. However, Ryan noticed a lot of bottles of alcohol were empty and in his recycling. He asked Ralph why there were so many, and Ralph simply said he had a party last weekend and hadn’t got round to cleaning everything up yet.

The lie detector test

When Ryan went home that evening, he rang a mutual friend of his and Ralphs. The friend confessed to Ryan that he was also concerned about Ralph. They agreed that after researching options, they would book a lie detector test on behalf of Ralph. The next morning Ryan went round to see Ralph and told him about the test. Ralph agreed to take the test and prove that nothing was wrong and he didn’t have a problem with alcohol addiction.

The results

Ryan and Ralph turned up at our Darlington office the following week and Ralph took his eye detect with polygraph test. The test showed Ralph was lying. He asked to speak to Ryan and confessed that his drinking had become out of control. Ralph admitted that he hadn’t had a party and had actually drunk the alcohol by himself. He also said he had been taking more days off work. Ralph asked Ryan for his help and support, and said he was going to seek professional help. Ryan said he would help Ralph and keep him accountable whilst he also got the help he needed. The pair thanked EyeDetect Test UK for their help in the case and for being professional and helpful.

If you suspect someone you know has developed an addiction, then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.