EyeDetect Commercial Test

With results available within 5 minutes of a 30-minute test, Eye Detect is a fast and accurate solution for integrity testing across the commercial spectrum.

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Pre-employment screening

Recruitment agencies can benefit enormously by screening job candidates before sending them for interview. Your reputation stands or falls on the quality of the applicants you send to your clients. The Eye Detect test saves you time when investigating the integrity of candidates. If they don’t get past first base, with an Eye Detect polygraph showing deception, you can move on to the next one.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business recruitment can be a headache, especially if you are not using a recruitment agency. With hundreds, if not thousands of applications for one or more positions, you want to make sure you hire the right people. When you get down to the shortlist Eye Detect helps ensure that the selected few are who they say they are and haven’t lied on their CVs.

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Childcare Services

Are you considering hiring a Nanny or do you have a business that is involved in childcare? Private individuals, schools, nurseries and organisations that employ staff who interact with children can add an extra layer of security with Eye Detect integrity testing.

You want the best, most qualified and trustworthy people to take care of or educate your children. Don’t let a paedophile slip through the security net. Eye Detect helps ensure you don’t.

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Security Services

It’s common for security job applicants to take polygraph examinations as part of the pre-employment screening test. However, sometimes you need rapid results.

A conventional polygraph test takes around 2 hours, with results available within 24 hours. The Eye Detect lie detector test takes around 30 minutes and you get the results within 5 minutes.

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 Loss Prevention

Now, more than at any other time in our history, cyber fraud, data theft and other forms of robbery are rife. Eye Detect not only helps you employ the most honest people, but also ensures they stay loyal and trustworthy. Periodic Eye Detect polygraph tests are becoming essential in modern loss prevention strategies.

If stock, data, money or anything else has already gone missing, Eye Detect is a fast investigative tool.

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Private Investigators

Hiring the right people is essential for anyone in the private investigation industry. Your reputation with your clients is important. Eye Detect polygraph services ensure the staff you employ have the correct qualifications and integrity to maintain your reputation, rather than destroy it.

You can also take advantage of Eye Detect if you need rapid results in matters related to dishonesty.

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There is nothing worse than a client or witness in an important case who lies to you. Save time and money by testing suspicious individuals with our Eye Detect integrity testing.

Some commercial enterprises have more to lose than others, but all businesses aspire to being highly respected with impeccable reputations. One dishonest member of staff can destroy a reputation that has taken years to develop.

For more information about Eye Detect – Commercial integrity testing, call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279