Berwick Upon Tweed Eye Detect Test proves infidelity

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A Berwick Upon Tweed Eye Detect Test proved infidelity when our client Hatti came to us suspecting her boyfriend had cheated. Here is Hatti’s story and how Eye Detect Test UK found out the truth that she deserved to know.

The beginning

Hatti met Jake when the couple both moved to Berwick Upon Tweed and worked in management at a local Spa Hotel. During the pandemic the couple decided to move in together after dating for nearly three years. However, it was after Jake moved in that Hatti started to suspect he was hiding something from her.

Suspicions start

Hatti recalls how things changed between her and Jake when he started to seem distant from her. At first, she assumed it was the stress of being constantly confined to the flat in lockdown. The couple were both on furlough and therefore isolating together in their flat, which became intense for the couple.


One day when Hatti was cleaning, she found knickers down the back of the sofa which most definitely didn’t belong to her. She had been away the weekend beforehand and visited her parents as the restrictions had eased and she wanted a change of scene. She immediately confronted Jake in outrage, but he just said he had friends to stay over, and someone must have left them there.

Time for an eye detect test

When Hatti confided in her friend Jade at work, she learnt that Jade had walked in on Jake and a new girl at work kissing. She had promised Jake she wouldn’t say anything to Hatti, but she said she had felt awful keeping it from her and now she knew Jake had obviously seen the girl again. She said Jake had told her the kiss was nothing and that he had regretted it so it wasn’t any use upsetting Hatti. Hatti was furious and asked Jade what she would do. Jade suggested a polygraph test with Eye Detect Test UK. She told Hatti how her sister had suspected her husband of cheating and had used our services.

The results

Hatti booked a combined polygraph and optical scan test using our online booking system. She told Jake later that evening that Jade had told her the whole story and she wanted him to take the lie detector test. Jake agreed and said Jade was just lying out of jealousy. Two days later the couple turned up to our Newcastle office (closest office to Berwick) and Jake took his polygraph test. The results showed he was lying, and he confessed he had cheated on Hatti with the new girl at work. He said they had been flirting and when she went away for the weekend, he had slept with her. He agreed he would move out and apologised or hurting her and lying. Hatti was hurt but she was grateful to Eye Detect Test UK for finding her the truth.

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