A Newcastle Eye Detect proves affair

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A Newcastle Eye Detect Test was recently used to prove a wife was having an affair. John came to us suspecting his wife Charlotte was having an affair behind his back when he found a pair of men’s boxers in her car. Here is John’s story and how Eye Detect Test UK got him the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

John and Charlotte have been childhood sweethearts ever since they met at college in Newcastle. After being together for over twelve years the pair decided to get married. They have been living in Newcastle ever since and have a two-year-old daughter and two dogs together.

Suspicions start

John recalls how he felt Charlotte started to become more distant when their daughter, Hattie, started preschool. Hattie’s start was delayed due to the pandemic, and both John and Charlotte were so excited for her to start her new adventure. At first, John thought the distance was because Charlotte felt a gap in her life since she had become used to having Hattie at home with her. However, his mind soon started to suspect something else was going on when Charlotte started to become protective over him using her mobile, which was never a problem before.


Suspicions continued when one day, John decided to take Charlotte’s car to the carwash whilst she took Hattie for a walk with the dogs. To his shock, the man cleaning the carat the drive-in carwash, handed him a pair of men’s black boxers, saying he must have left them in the back by mistake. John didn’t wear the brand of boxers, and he immediately knew something was wrong. When he got home, he waited until Hattie went to bed and then told Charlotte what had happened at the car wash. Charlotte scoffed and told John not to worry. She claimed her brother and her had taken Hattie swimming when John was late at work one evening. Charlotte said the boxers must be his and had fallen out of his bag.

Time for an eye detect test

John decided to google advice online for what to do if you suspect your partner is having an affair. He came across the Eye Detect Test UK website and decided a lie detector test was the best choice for him to find out the truth. John booked a combined eye detect test with polygraph test for two days later, on behalf of Charlotte. He told Charlotte the next morning what he had done, and although she was annoyed he had booked the polygraph without asking, she agreed to take the test and prove she was innocent.

The results

The couple turned up to our Newcastle office and Charlotte took her combined test. The results showed she was lying. She immediately broke down crying and confessed to John that she had met someone else. She said the affair had started three months ago when Hattie started preschool. The affair was with a single dad at the preschool. Charlotte told John she wanted to separate whilst she sorted herself out. She told him she would move in with her sister for a while. John has suggested couples counselling in the meantime. He thanks Eye Detect Test for finding out the truth for him. If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating then book a lie detector test with us today. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.