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The Double Hurdle Lie Detector Test

Using the Eye Detect Test and Polygraph together is the most scientifically effective way to improve

testing results and accuracy. Two testing methods combined are better than one.

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White Lie – Whopper – Vilification – Tall Story – Slander – Perjury – Fraudulent – Forgery – Fib – Falsify – Fabrication – Distortion – Disinformation – Dishonesty – Defamation – Deception – Deceit – Backbiting. These words all lead to one common issue: The Lie; The Untruth.

To tell a lie requires more cognitive effort as lying requires suppressing truthful information. To get to The Truth behind The Lies requires the use of advanced deception detection technology. Evolved lie detector technology is needed. New generation polygraph technology is needed.

Here at EyeDetect Test UK we have the very latest technology to provide the best lie detection method for both business and private tests.

EyeDetect - optical only


The Optical Lie Detector Test

This next generation optical lie detector test is geared for clients wanting rapid results as the technology can detect deception within 15 to 30 minutes, with 90 percent accuracy. By comparison, a traditional polygraph examination takes around two hours to conduct. Printed test results are provided straight after the test. 

Ideal for pre-screening potential employees or using as periodic testing on existing employees.

EyeDetect® testing is especially useful for pre-commitment screening for dating businesses. More and more people choose online dating to meet their partners, an eye detect test is the quickest method to check out prospective partners, ensuring they are who they say they are.

Unlike the polygraph, EyeDetect® uses no sensors or cables attached to the subject so it is non- intrusive.

This revolutionary technology is calibrated to monitor involuntary eye behaviour such as pupil dilation, reading behavior, fixations, blink rate, error rate and response rate.

For further insight on how the  optical test  works click EyeDetect®

Book your private EyeDetect®  test using our secure online booking system or call our client support team today on 0800 386 8279

EyeDetect with Polygraph


The Polygraph plus Optical Test

Lying to each other is a common behavior, and sadly, we humans will lie to each other for either self preservation or self gain. Humans are good liars but invariably poor lie-catchers. Hence our continued quest to use the latest and most advanced technology to detect deception.

This revolutionary automated polygraph testing process is impartial, accurate, and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph.

Using the Eye Detect Test and Polygraph together  is the most scientifically effective way to improve testing results and accuracy. Two testing methods combined are better than one.

This combined testing only takes up to 60 minutes. A detailed test report with the results is provided within 12 hours.

With EyeDetect®+ You can expect 97-99% Outcome Confidence.

A Great Argument For Getting To The Root Of Your Unresolved Issues.

A Great Argument For Using Lie Detection Test Results in Court.

For a deeper understanding of how the combined optical test + polygraph works click EyeDetect®+

Book your private EyeDetect®+  test using our secure online booking system or call our client support team today on 0800 386 8279

All EyeDetect Test UK examiners employed by or associated with EyeDetect Test UK adhere to strict codes of conduct and all have excellent English language skills. Highly trained professionals, you can rely on their discretion and confidentiality.

EyeDetect® is one of the greatest scientific advancements in lie detection over the past century and is now directly available to private, public and commercial clients in the UK.

Find out more detailed information about how EyeDetect® works and the costs.

Commercial Eye Detect Tests

The fast way to ensure the integrity of your staff and screen prospective job candidates. The best technology available to include in your loss prevention strategy.

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